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Ceramic tiles, natural stone and mosaics:

ARIOSTEA ULTRA 2018 big slabs 300x150cm
NB! Ariostea big slabs price calculation example: Tile1 m² will be added:
Packing 1pallet 125€ (1 pallet approximately 48 m²)
Transport from actory to Plaadipunkt warehouse ca 350€ / pallet (if pallets have more transport costs will be lower)
Minimum order quantity is 9 m²

Butech profiles 2018

Century ceramiche catalogue 2018

Dune marble,ceramic,mosaics 2018

Dune 3D Shapes

Equipe Ceramica 2018-19

Equipe News 2018

Intermatex news 2018 mosaic,tiles

Laattapiste quick delivery catalogue 2017

L`Antic Colonial catalogue 2018 natural stone, natural stone mosaic, glass mosaic,parquet

L'Antic Colonial news 2018

L'Antic Colonial Airslate 2017

L'Antic Colonial LINKFLOOR 2017

Mirage catalogue 2018

Monocibec catalogue 2018

Naxos ceramiche kataloog 2018

Pavigres news 2018

Pavigres catalogue 2017

Pavigres 21 project tile catalogue 2017

Petra Antiqua 2012 - 316MB not available

PIEMME Bits & Pieces 2017

Piemme Catalogue 2018

Piemme Valentino catalogue 2018

Piemme new 2018 Lithostone

Porcelanosa catalogue 2018

Porcelanosa  2018 new series

Porcelanosa PARKER 2018

Revigres Porcelain 2018

Revigres Essentials 2018

Revigres Living 2018

Sicis NeoGlass 2015

Sicis pool mosaics 2015

Sicis SiciStone

Sicis mosic mixes Blends

Sicis Vetrite big glass slabs 120x280cm

Sicis Btterflys

Sicis Pix'ALL mosaic

Trend MySPA mosaics 2017 catalogue

Trend mosaics My Passione

Urbatek News 2018

Urbatek General catalogue 2018

Urbatek Xlight 2018 1x3m

Venis New wood Starwood 2018

Venis new 2018

VENIS Catalogue 2018 2nd

Venis PREMIUM combinations

Villeroy & Boch catalogue 2018

Villeroy & Boch News 2018

Vives catalog 2018

Vives cevisama 2018 Resort

Vives Cersaie 2018 Resort

Winckelmans catalogue




Bathroom-, spa- and terrace furniture:

Dansani Curvo 2018

Dansani Calidris 2018

Dansani Zaro Luna Special 2018

Danzani Zaro COLOUR 2018

Dansani Selection 2018

Dansani Mido 2018

Dansani Compact 2018

Dansani Multo 2018

Dansani Limbo+ Rumba Samba 2018

Dansani ICE 2018



Gama-Decor (Porcelanosa Group) bathroom furniture 2018

Gama-Decor News 2018

Gloster SPA - and terrace furniture 2018

L`Antic Colonial bathroom furniture, natural stone basins 2016



Sanitary fittings, radiators and accessories:

B&A bathroom accessories 2018

Brem News 2017

BREM batroom radiators 2017

CRISTINA mixers/taps 2018

Decor Walter accessories 2018 Stone

Decor Walther Catalogue 2018

Gedy batroom accessories 15-16

Gedy Hotellerie top design 2017

Gedy new RETAIL 2017

Gedy new 2017

IBB Bonomi accesessories 2018

NOKEN 2018 sanitary ware,toilets,basins,mixers

Noken sari TONO 2018

Noken news 2018

Noken sari Vitae 2017 Zaha Hadid

Noken sari Lounge

Noken sari Pure Line 2018

Noken Round and Arquitect

SANINDUSA sanitary ware 2018

SILFRA (Cristina) mixers catalogue

SIMAS 2017 catalogue sanitary ware

SIMEX RST sanitary ware, accessories, hand-drayers 2017 catalogue

System-Pool 2017 News

System-pool shower encousers,boxes 2018

System-Pool Krion 2018

THG exlusive mixers/taps/door handes 2018

Vogue UK towel heaters 2018



L`Antic Colonial natural wood 2018  

Exlusive furniture and accesories:

COSMIC 2018 kataloog

Hanbel & Monpas

Tiling tools and installation instruction:

Raimondi tile tools self leveling system

Decorative wall covering:

MOSS decorative wall covering. Catalogue 2018 ja technical specs.